Local Planning for Sustainable Development

Photo: © CPRE / Tony Fawcett

Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, the Minister for Decentralisation, spoke about how he wants to make localism work for rural communities and the countryside on Thursday, 10 February 2011. His central theme concerned how locally-led planning will ensure that growth is sustainable, responsible and green.

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We’ve published Greg Clark’s speech below for you to comment on, along with audio recordings from the speech and panel discussion.

> Greg Clark’s speech on planning for sustainable development
> UPDATE: Shaun Spiers’ final comments on the debate
> Greg Clark will be writing a short response to the comments soon.

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Following his speech, a panel discussion was held to discuss the ideas Greg Clark presented. Panel members included Professor Patsy Healey OBE, from the University of Newcastle, Debbie Tripley, of the Environmental Law Foundation, and Shaun Spiers, CPRE’s Chief Executive. The discussion was chaired by Peter Waine, CPRE’s Chairman.

> Shaun Spiers’ response
> Professor Patsy Healy’s response
> Debbie Tripley’s response