David Miliband’s Vision

Photo: © CPRE

Rt Hon David Miliband MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, spoke of his vision for the future of the English countryside at CPRE’s Annual Lecture, on Monday, 12 March 2007. Prior to giving the lecture, he visited the Thames Chase Community Forest to see how well-managed land in the urban fringe can deliver multiple social and environmental benefits to urban dwellers. His speech addressed the question of what land is for, how we should value it, and how a positive vision for the long term use of land can deliver environmental, social and economic benefits for the country as a whole.

Following the Annual Lecture, we invited the public to comment on David Miliband’s speech on this blog. We published the debate that was held at the event, including responses from Professor Susan Owens, a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution; Susan Bell, former Chief Executive of the National Forest; and Shaun Spiers, CPRE’s Chief Executive. We then invited the public to comment on the speeches. A record of the debate is below:

> David Miliband’s speech on the future of the land
> Professor Susan Owens’ response to David Miliband
> Susan Bell’s response to David Miliband
> Shaun Spiers’ response to David Miliband
> Your comments
> Final thoughts from Shaun Spiers
> Final thoughts from David Miliband