Nick Clegg’s Vision

Photo: © CPRE / Richard Walker

Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, spoke of his vision for the future of rural Britain on Friday, 14 November 2008. His central theme was a concern a recession will create two-tier rural areas. In his speech, he explained how his vision of a green, fair and vibrant countryside provides a new, sustainable, and long term model for rural policy making in the future.

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We’ve published Nick Clegg’s speech below for you to comment on, along with audio recordings from the speech and panel discussion.

> Nick Clegg’s speech on the rural recession
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Following his speech, a panel discussion was held to discuss the ideas Nick Clegg presented. Panel members included Pam Warhurst, a Natural England board member, and Shaun Spiers, CPRE’s Chief Executive. The discussion was chaired by Dr Anne Robinson, national Vice-Chair of CPRE and Vice-President of CPRE Peak District and South Yorkshire.

> Keynote speech by Nick Clegg (mp3, 11.0mb)
> Response by Pam Warhurst (mp3, 6.9mb)
> Response by Shaun Spiers (mp3, 4.7mb)
> Questions and answers to the panel (mp3, 19.4mb)