Beauty, Tranquillity, and Power Stations?

Photo: © Nigel Keene

Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, spoke to CPRE on 24 March about how Britain’s beautiful places may be affected by the energy options we choose to decarbonise the economy. His speech outlined the options we have, the trade-offs we may need to make, and ended with a challenge to CPRE and all those who care about our landscape: can energy infrastructure fit into our valued, but ultimately man-made landscapes?

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We’ve published Chris Huhne’s speech below for you to comment on, along with a podcast of the speech and panel discussion.

> Chris Huhne: Beauty, Tranquillity, and Power Stations?
> Audio: Chris Huhne’s speech (mp3, 15mb)
> Have your say – add your comments to the debate!

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Following his speech, a panel discussion was held to discuss the ideas Chris Huhne presented. Panel members included:

Richard Leafe, Chief Executive of the Lake District National Park
> Read Richard’s response
> Listen to Richard’s response (mp3, 5mb)
Professor Catherine Mitchell
, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Exeter
> Read Catherine’s response – coming soon
> Listen to Catherine’s response (mp3, 5mb)
Shaun Spiers, CPRE’s Chief Executive
> Read Shaun’s response
> Listen to Shaun’s response (mp3, 5mb)

The discussion was chaired by Peter Waine, CPRE’s Chairman.

> Download a podcast of the whole event (mp3, 50mb)
> Listen to the questions and answers from the debate (mp3, 18mb)


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